Golden Dawn Senior Citizen Home

For Families

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Family brings love, joy, pride and a connection to the past for our residents.  Family members, provide an invaluable resource for our staff and serve as advocates for their loved ones.  Daily our staff strives to create a sense of home and of family, not only for our residents but for their family members as well.

Family members of all ages are welcome to visit, participate in activities or share a meal with their loved ones.  In addition, meeting rooms are available at no charge and can be booked to host small family gatherings or to celebrate special birthdays or holidays.  

We welcome you to be part of our extended family and to make yourself at home.

Family Council

The Golden Dawn Family Council meets on a quarterly basis. It is made up of any family members and friends of residents of the home who wish to be part of the council.   The aim of the Family Council is to act as a liaison between the residents' family members or friends, and the staff at the Home.  It strives to facilitate communication and promote partnerships to maintain or improve a positive quality of life for residents.   The Council may do this in a number of ways, for example:  providing assistance and advice to new families and residents admitted to the home; ensuring the rights of residents are respected; or through sponsoring or planning activities for residents.

Meeting notices and minutes of meetings are available at the Family Council information centre located in the front foyer.